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Pembroke, IL 

.We are community-led

As a Community Development Corporation (CDC), we are committed to revitalizing our community. With local and external community leaders and organizations, we aspire to innovate and implement programs, development opportunities, and ecological protections to improve the condition of our underserved and protect our most sacred environment. Our organization was forged from grassroots activism, driven by the voices and determination of residents to reclaim and direct our own land conservation and community development to make Pembroke Township a better place for all. 

Our Goals

  1. Cultivate and empower multi-generational community leadership, through education, training and service in order to explore solution driven projects for community advancement.

  2. Create and pursue sustainable avenues [including strategies of the Pembroke Hopkins Park Sustainability Plan] for ecological and agricultural preservation, environmental education and community stewardship. 

  3. Celebrate and preserve our history and culture of the Pembroke-Hopkins Park community for community upliftment and pride.

  4. Increase workforce development and a green economy in order to ensure sustainable economic growth in PHP and increase the quality of life of all residents

  5. Sustain and grow a Community-Led CDC –PHP Organization by securing sustainable resources that support the CDC Mission and Goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for community-based action in leadership, sustainable development, and enrichment to preserve and protect the future of the Pembroke-Hopkins Park community 

and its cultural, historical, and ecological legacy.

Our dedicated team engages local and external community leaders and organizations to aspire, innovate, and implement programs, development opportunities and ecological protections that will change the condition of our underserved and protect our most sacred environment.


We are excited to announce that we are currently hiring two paid year-long positions for college students. We hope you consider joining us.

Our team
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