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Pembroke, IL 

We Are Community-Led

We are forged from grassroots activism, driven by the voices of our Pembroke-Hopkins Park community, and committed to homegrown community action, preservation, and sustainable development.

We Inherit What They Preserved

For hundreds of years, the land in which the Pembroke-Hopkins Park [PHP] community resides was the site for trade, agricultural commerce, and a respite for indigenous tribes, like the Potawatomi (Pah-tah-wah-toh-mee), Odawa (ah-doh-wah), and Ojibwe (oh-jeeb-wah) Nations], and African-Americans escaping the brutalities of the Slave Trade and Jim Crowe South. They preserved these lands, providing the richness and beauty we see today. The CDC wishes to continue to honor and steward this rare gift of land and forward it to the next generations and beyond…

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for community-based action in leadership, sustainable development, and enrichment to preserve and protect the future of the Pembroke-Hopkins Park community and its cultural, historical, and ecological legacy.

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