PHP-CDC Natural Gas Report

Posted October 13, 2020

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CDC Nicor Gas Fact Sheet Below

The Natural Gas Pipeline is a potential energy project targeting the Pembroke community. For the longest time it has been under the jurisdiction of Mayor Mark Hodges, its greatest proponent and Nicor Gas, the company that would carry out an installation plan. However the project is still very much in its infancy. Routes haven’t been calculated and very little is known with the logistics of the pipeline currently. It is proposed to jumpstart industry in Pembroke, especially manufacturing as an upgrade from the village standard of propane, allowing greater chance of being paired up with businesses due to modern energy sources. These businesses are expected to pay tax dollars, generating income for the community while we don’t generate income from exportation of the gas. It would also be a more affordable fuel, saving costs in school energy consumption. 

Primary concerns for the project would be the cost to the citizens of Pembroke Township and any emergency scenarios that result from malfunction or negligence. In most cases, Nicor would be expected to reply promptly or the fire department would have to be a resource in responding to emergency situations. Additionally, any costs to do so or even costs for standard use applications would supposedly be handled by Nicor. Conversion and appliance costs are to be under the charges of the project and there are grants for funding the project and these conversions so the citizens don’t have to pay out of pocket. Environmentally speaking, natural gas is supposed to be a cleaner form of energy regardless of it being nonrenewable. It would just be a question of training first response teams in the event of catastrophic leaks or explosions. The mayor would also be able to enact executive orders to protect the community in dire situations 

-Aaron Woodard

CDC Intern